Adequate Water Consumption for Adults - How Much Water Do Adults Need?

At Mint Nutrition Clinic, we always advise our clients to consume enough water and stay well hydrated. This week, we are targeting the question, how much water do adults need? And, why? Please be advised that a competent nutritionist and/or registered dietitian at Mint Nutrition Clinic has written this article, and all of the information discussed is evidence-based. 

Water Needs of Adults

Its important to remember that all individuals are different, and their level of hydration will vary as well. Drinking enough water and liquids can help you decrease your blood pressure, have regular bowel movements, move nutrients within your body, etc (Eatright Ontario, 2016). It is also beneficial if you stay hydrated throughout the day, and not consume too much at one time.

A typical adult should be consuming 10-12 cups of liquids daily (Eatright Ontario, 2016). Remember, "liquids" means anything that you consume which has a high water content content; such as, tea, coffee, milk, etc. Also, 1 cup is equal to 250 ml. Therefore, drinking these 10-12 cups of liquids throughout the day is the best way to stay well hydrated. However, drinking enough water and weight loss is another area of interest that Mint Nutrition Clinic discusses with clients.

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