We offer services Online via Webcam, by Telephone, or In-Person at our Yonge & Eglinton office.  Let us know when you are booking your session what option works best for you.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are here to help you with a wide variety of services:

Adolescents - This program is for children between the ages of 12 and 18. Our Registered Dietitians advise on specific meal plans and peaky eating tools/tips to ensure adequate nutrition is being met for the child. 

Arthritis - Our Registered Dietitians can help you maintain the optimal health if you have Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, and help you make sure you are getting what you need to meet your nutritional needs, while trying to minimize inflammation and promote better overall health.

Baby / Newborn - These sessions focus on proper nutrition for babies under the age of 1. We teach parents correct nutrition plans and tips to ensure the baby/newborn is meeting all of their nutritional needs.

Breastfeeding - These sessions focus on what a new mother needs to follow as a nutrition guide, in order to be nutritionally healthy and able to properly breastfeed their new baby, and slowly lose baby weight (if that is a desired goal).

Celiac Disease (Gluten Intolerance) - This program is individualized by our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) to ensure that patients with celiac disease have all the tips/tools for avoiding gluten and still maintaining a healthy nutritional profile. This program also helps individuals who are intolerant to gluten.

Cholesterol Management - These sessions teach clients how to reduce their LDL cholesterol levels, and normalize their HDL/LDL ratio, while learning about meal planning and potential weight loss tips. Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) ensure they are fully implementing lifestyle changes to reduce their cholesterol levels (without the use of any medications). 

Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients with Chron's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis by reducing their symptoms and future likelihood of flare-ups through the use of meal planning, nutrition tips, eating behaviour changes, and more.

Depression - Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists help clients who are dealing with depression to develop a plan for eating healthy, while supporting the entire body in getting proper nutrition, rest, and activity, so the mind has a chance to repair.

Diabetes Management and Prevention - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) teach clients how to implement dietary and physical activity tips/tools to reduce their diabetes symptoms and likelihood of developing diabetes related complications. Weight loss and blood pressure tips are also mentioned. 

Eating Disorders - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients who are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, etc to resume normal eating habits and regain their nutritional health. Meal planning and proper grocery shopping are also discussed. 

Fibromyalgia - These sessions are designed to help individuals suffering from fibromyalgia to implement proper meal planning and nutrition treatments, in order to reduce their symptoms and increase their quality of life.

Food Combining - Our Registered Dietitians work with these clients to ensure their meal planning is adequate for any food combining concerns. We recommend food combinations to improve digestion, weight loss, IBS, diabetes, etc. 

Gestational Diabetes - These sessions with pregnant women suffering from and/or concerned about gestational diabetes are designed to mitigate risks and symptoms, to ensure health for both mom and fetus. We also focus on carbohydrate spacing, weight management, etc to help these clients with gestational diabetes management. 

Heart Disease/Hypertension - This program works with clients to reduce their risk of developing heart disease and/or symptoms of the disease. Weight loss, meal planning, and physical activity are discussed by our Registered dietitians, along other tools/tips. 

Hyperthyroidism - These sessions help clients meal plan accordingly, and build physical activity and other treatment options into their daily lives, in order to improve their nutrition and overall health/wellbeing. 

Hypothyroidism - These sessions help clients meal plan accordingly, and build physical activity and other treatment options into their daily lives, in order to improve their nutrition and overall health/wellbeing. 

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) work with IBS clients to create adequate meal plans (using the LOW-FODMAP diet and other treatment options). Daily physical activity, eating behaviours, etc are also discussed to reduce IBS discomfort and symptoms. 

Inflammation (Low Inflammatory Diet) - These sessions help clients understand tips/tools to reduce their overall inflammation in the body. Proper meal planning, physical activity, weight loss, etc are discussed.

Intermittent Fasting - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients understand the definition of intermittent fasting and the different types that are popular. We also provide key recommendations regarding this topic.

Ketogenic Diet (Keto) - This low-fat diet type is discussed in detail with each client and healthy nutrition recommendations are made, while meal planning and physical activity are emphasized. Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) also work with clients to design healthy recipes as well.

Kidney Disease - Our Registered Dietitians discuss all sorts of tools and techniques to help people with Kidney Disease manage their condition, and maintain optimal nutritional health.

Lactose Intolerance - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients reduce their lactose intake and symptoms by proper meal planning, recipe development, and physical activity (exercise). Other nutrition tools/tips are discussed as well. 

Low FODMAPs Diet - This program is for IBS clients (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and any individuals who are experiencing constipation/bloating issues. Our Registered Dietitians help with meal planning, recipe design, exercise, etc to resolve IBS related issues.

Menopause - These sessions are designed for pre/post menopausal clients who are interested in meal planning, weight management, bone density enhancement, physical activity, etc to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Muscle Building - This program is for clients who want to increase their muscle mass through the use of a proper diet and physical activity. Our Registered Dietitians help clients learn about protein powders/bars, and various muscle building supplements. Specific recommendations are made regarding these supplements for athlete performance and muscle building. 

Pediatrics - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help parents and children under the age of 12 to properly meal plan, grocery shop, and meet all of their nutrition needs. Also, they help adolescents who may need nutrition counselling as well. 

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) - We help clients plan a proper meal plan for their needs and PCOS concerns. Our Registered Dietitians help with weight loss (if needed), muscle building, meal planning, grocery shopping tips, and much more.

Picky Eaters - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients overcome their picky eating habits by proper meal planning, recipe development and other nutrition counselling tools. If the clients are under the age of 12, our Registered Dietitians work with the parents and/or guardians to come up with a nutrition treatment plan. 

Plant Based Diet (Becoming Vegan and/or Vegetarian)Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients who wish to become vegan and/or vegetarian adopt a healthy lifestyle that incorporates these new dietary changes. Meal planning, recipe development, proper grocery shopping tips, etc are discussed to help the clients reach their new nutrition goals.

Preeclampsia - Our Registered Dietitians help pregnant clients with blood pressure concerns, by advising on meal planning, recipe development, physical activity, etc. We also discuss food safety guidelines, proper weight gain during pregnancy and much more.

Pre & Post Pregnancy (Prenatal & Postnatal / Postpartum) - Our Registered Dietitians help clients learn about each trimester and their nutrition needs. Meal planning, recipe development, weight gain guidelines, proper grocery shopping, etc are discussed to make a full nutrition plan for each client (including vitamin and mineral needs). 

Acid Reflux (GERD) - These sessions help clients meal plan and change various lifestyle factors, to reduce their symptoms and discomfort from GERD. Also, if applicable, weight loss, physical activity and other nutrition tools are also discussed. 

Seniors - Our Registered Dietitians help senior clients learn about proper meal planning, meal preparation, recipe use, etc to meet their nutritional needs. We also discuss proper protein intake and various vitamin and mineral needs as well (such as calcium, Vitamin D, etc). 

Scleroderma -  Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) can help clients with lowering their fat percentage (if needed), and increasing their muscle mass. Meal planning, recipe development, physical activity plans, and more are discussed to help clients meet all of their nutritional needs.

Sports Nutrition and PerformanceThese sessions are designed by our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) to help athletes who want to improve their performance and ensure that all of their nutritional needs are being met. Protein, various workout supplements, meal planning, recipe development, etc are all discussed during the nutrition plans. 

Teen - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) discuss proper nutrition for teenagers and adolescents. Adequate carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin/mineral needs are all discussed. Also, meal planning, recipe development, etc are mentioned as well. 

Triglycerides Management - These sessions help clients with heart disease (or those who are at risk for developing heart disease), lower their triglycerides to a healthy level. Meal planning, exercise routines, recipe development, etc are discussed by our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) to help these clients meet their goals. 

Weight Gain - Our sessions can help clients who need to gain weight. We teach clients how to properly meal plan, recipe develop, grocery shop and gain weight in a healthy way. 

Weight Loss - Our Registered Dietitians (Nutritionists) help clients lose weight and meet their nutrition goals. We teach clients about meal planning, recipe development, appetite management, etc to help them lose the designated amount of weight. Weight loss maintenance skills are also discussed.