Are Eggs Healthy?

There are different opinions about eggs and whether or not they are healthy protein options. This week, we are focusing on eggs and their health implications (both positives and negatives). Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say, below. 

Are Eggs Healthy?

It's important to remember that almost all foods are not unhealthy in moderation, and they become unhealthy when an individual eats too much of a certain food. Eggs however, have their positives and negatives. They contain many nutrients; such as, vitamin D, A, E, B12, selenium, folate, etc (Eatright Ontario, 2018). Eggs also provide us with complete protein (meaning that they include all of the amino acids that are bodies need to function). They also are cheap and easy to find all over the world. Also, cooking them is easy and many recipes show you how. 

However, they are animal products and contain a substantial amount of cholesterol; which, may contribute to the development of heart disease (Eatright Ontario, 2018). Therefore, it is recommended that individuals with no heart disease and diabetes, can eat 1 egg a day (Eatright Ontario, 2018). But, individuals who have heart disease or diabetes, should limit their consumption of eggs to a maximum of 2 a week (Eatright Ontario, 2018). Moderation is always key, especially when talking about animal products.

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