Are Potatoes Healthy?

This week, we are talking all about potatoes, and whether or not they are a healthy carbohydrate option. There are many varieties of potatoes; however, we are not including sweet potatoes in this article. Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say about this topic, below.

Are Potatoes Healthy?

yes and no. This is because, potatoes are a relatively simple carbohydrate, meaning they breakdown faster in our bodies, leading to higher levels of blood sugar, faster. Also, if they are fried, they lose their nutritional value and become fried foods hat should be enjoyed as a "treat". However, baked or boiled versions of potatoes can be healthy, only if consumed in moderation, in a well balanced diet. This means that having them for dinner every night, is not the healthiest option. It is better to eat them two nights a week, for example. Potatoes also do not have a lot of fiber, and this becomes a problem because individuals tend to overeat when they eat less fiber. 

Therefore, we recommend eating potatoes occasionally, and focusing on other whole grains and complex sources of carbohydrates on a regular basis. 

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