Are Sweeteners Healthy?

There are a lot of sweeteners available to add sweetness without any calories. However, some are concerned about their safety and health implications. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is talking all about non-sugar sweeteners and their health impacts.

Are They Healthy? 

There are many sweeteners that bind to the tongue receptors, the same way as fructose, and cause the brain to think something sweet is being eaten. However they cannot be metabolized in the body. This makes them a very low calorie option.

Also, research shows, in low concentrations they are healthy for human consumption. However, they may not help weight loss. Similar to glucose, these sweeteners increase insulin in the body, and this has been associated with a slight increase in weight gain. 

Overall, these sweeteners have been showed (by Health Canada and the FDA) as same for human consumption. However, it is recommended that having small amounts is better than higher doses. 

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