Avoid Gaining Weight on Vacation

It is a common fact that many individuals who go on vacation, often gain up to 5 pounds. This then becomes a problem when we are back home and 5 pounds heavier. However, there are certain nutrition strategies that can help, when an`individual is on vacation.

How To: Not Gain Weight During Vacation

 There are many rules that one can follow on vacation. The most important is to know how to accurately count calories on any given day. That is the skill that helps our weight loss clients the most. 

Next, make sure you don't eat too much from the "processed foods" category. This includes cookies, white rice, bagels, candy, etc. Only 20% of your calories should come from processed foods. The other 80% should be from fresh, whole foods. 

Lastly, make sure when you are drinking, you do not drink more than 3 units a day. We teach our clients how to drink and still lose weight. Click Here to start your weight loss journey, and meet our Toronto Nutritionist.