Calorie Counting for Weight Loss

Individuals who seek treatment plans for weight-loss, often hear about calorie counting as a basic tool that is needed to lose the extra pounds, but is calorie counting an effective way of weight-loss? In short form, yes and no. This week our nutritionists and registered dietitians are discussing this topic and clarifying this method of weight loss. 

Does Calorie Counting Work?

Calorie counting on its own, will most likely not be sufficient enough for reaching weight-loss results. This is because several other key tools/techniques need to be implemented to see weight-loss results (such as effective meal planning, correct intake of carbohydrates/fats/protein, and etc). Also, individual differences matter as well. Some individuals may like calorie counting and find it effective, while others may think is useless and monotonous. However, at Mint Nutrition Clinic, we show our clients how to calorie count fast and accurate in an everyday setting. Also, we ensure that it is a tool used alongside other nutrition techniques.

Long Term Weight-Loss and Calorie Counting

Initially, counting all calories may be beneficial, because it is crucial that we know where our calories are coming from and how many we are consuming. These information will help us determine if we are consuming too much or too little. Also, hidden sources of calories can be detected as well, giving us a better chance of understanding how to reduce our intake. However, long term calorie counting can become ineffective, because it is time consuming. Therefore, it important to learn other tools to help us lose weight and not depend solely on calorie counting. Our nutritionists can help you with a comprehensive weight-loss plan, visit our website to book a FREE 30 minute consultation session today!

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