Exercise and Weight Loss

There is new research suggesting that focusing on exercise in order to lose weight, might not be the best plan that will create long term success. Many individuals get frustrated after they exercise heavily and see weight gain on the scale, rather than weight loss. Therefore, this week Mint Nutrition Clinic and our nutritionists and registered dietitians are focusing on answering your questions about weight loss and intense exercise routines. 

Aerobic Exercise and Weight Loss

Many exercise programs recommend doing high levels of cardiovascular exercises; such as, running, biking, or swimming. Some experts also recommend doing cardiovascular exercises regularly, even up to 1 hour a day. However, many individuals exercise for a long period of time and find themselves weighing more than before. There is a growing body of evidence that shows, after exercising for a long time, the body increases the appetite level, in order to ensure that more calories are entering the body (Dietitians of Canada, 2015). So, the individual is constantly pushed to eat more calories, in order to gain the lost calories that have been burned, and this is one of the reasons and leads to weight gain. Also, many individuals are less physically active after their cardio session; therefore, this leads to a lower calorie expenditure throughout the day.

Currently, it is still recommended that reducing the calories that are consumed, is one of the best methods that will increase weight loss (Dietitians of Canada, 2015). Unfortunately, weight loss is very complicated and difficult for many individuals, and that is why at Mint Nutrition Clinic, we focus on a multi-dimensional method that shows clients tips and tricks that go beyond "controlling one's appetite". This article does not however suggest that exercise is a negative thing. It is apparent that daily physical activity is one of the best things that one can do, in order to improve their well-being and reduce their risk of developing many chronic diseases. 

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