Fast and Effective Weight Loss

Fast and effective weight loss is constantly talked about in Toronto-based health clinics, and everywhere else in the world. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic and our nutritionists and registered dietitians are focusing on answering the complicated question, how can weight loss be fast and effective at the same time?

Calories in VS Calories Out Right?

Many nutritionists recommend counting calories constantly. But, all calories are not treated the same in our bodies. Processed foods (cookies, white bread, cakes, etc) are absorbed into the body at a higher rate; therefore, they increase insulin levels fast (Eatright Ontario, 2016). Insulin is a hormone that is found in our bodies, and it increases in the blood when food is consumed. Some research suggests that when an individual consumes processed foods, their insulin levels rise faster and higher than when they consume whole foods (Eatright Ontario, 2016). Basically, processed foods increase insulin levels faster, and at a higher rate, and this may fuel weight gain and obesity. 

Should You Count Calories?

The nutritionists at Mint Nutrition Clinic have been asked this question multiple times, and the answer is yes! Weight loss is difficult for everyone, and knowing where the excess calories are coming from is essential for success. At the beginning, it may seem like a overwhelming task, but with practice, counting calories will become easier. If you would like to learn more about counting calories and reaching your weight loss goals, set up a FREE consultation appointment with a Mint Nutrition Clinic nutritionist today and begin your journey! Click Here. You can also meet our Toronto registered dietitians too!



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