Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Many individuals in midtown Toronto, who have recently visited a nutritionist and/or registered dietitian, are not completely knowledgeable about vitamin C and its health benefits. Therefore, this week Mint Nutrition Clinic is targeting the vitamin C topic, and answering common questions regarding this powerful vitamin. 

What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C stands for ascorbic acid, and its required for all humans, because we cannot produce it in our bodies (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Also, on average adult needs 90 mg/day of this vitamin (Eatright Ontario, 2017). This vitamin is water soluble; meaning it mixes well with water and extra amounts of it in the body is eliminated in the urine. Many whole foods contain vitamin C; for example, citrus fruits, potatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, kiwis, mangoes, etc.Two servings of fruit a day is enough for an individual who is seeking to eat sufficient vitamin C. 

Myths About Vitamin C

Over consumption of vitamin C does not result in a lower risk of getting a cold, or the flu (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Another myth is that vitamin C is higher in organic foods, and this is false (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Lastly, most healthy adults do not need to take vitamin C supplements; they should focus on eating a well balanced diet instead (Eatright Ontario, 2017). At Mint Nutrition Clinic, we help our clients eat a well balanced diet and receive all of the vitamin C that they need; therefore reducing their risk of developing a vitamin deficiency.

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