Health Benefits of Weight Loss

There are many healthy benefits to losing a few pounds and becoming more active. This week, our focus is on this topic, and how a registered dietitian and/or nutritionist can help an individual succeed in a weight loss plan (diet-plan). 

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

When an individual loses weight, there are many benefits that this weight loss provides for them. For instance, usually the weight loss lowers their blood pressure and makes it easier for their heart to pump blood. Also, each weight-bearing joint benefits from this new weight loss as well (less weight on the joints, decreases the risk of joint problems in the future). 

Also, losing weight has been associated with a decreased risk of developing diabetes and certain cancers. Additionally, weight loss benefits self-esteem and daily exercise or physical activity reduces the risk of developing depression and other mental health problems. Therefore, regular physical activity and weight loss is a healthy lifestyle change that many individuals can benefit from. 

Registered dietitians and nutritionists can help individuals who want to lose weight by making a meal plan for them and teaching the basics of nutrition and calorie counting. Having the support of a weight loss professional, can help when an individual wants to maintain their weight loss results and change their daily lifestyle habits.

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