High Protein Diets and Weight Loss

A high protein diet may have many health benefits and even aid in weight loss and healthy eating; however what does the research say? This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is focused on answering questions about high protein diets and their possible weight loss benefits. Please be advised that this article has been written by a competent nutritionist and/or registered dietitian at Mint Nutrition Clinic, and all of the information mentioned is evidence-based.

High Protein Diets and Weight Loss

A high protein diet consists mostly of meat and alternatives; such as, beef, chicken, pork, legumes, eggs, tofu, etc. On average adults need about 0.8 g of protein per kg of their body weight; however, a high protein diet recommends more than this value and it depends on the specific diet and its specifications (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Research may indicate that eating a high protein diet may reduce one's appetite and lead to weight loss. However, this link is still not for certain, and more research is needed. Every individual is different when it comes to choosing the right diet plan for weight loss. At this time, a high protein diet is not seen to be that beneficial for weight loss, if implemented alone. Therefore, choosing the correct diet plan, based on your unique needs is preferred.


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