High Protein Diets and Weight Loss

There are many different diets available, and all of them vary slightly. High protein diets have been a popular choice for many weight loss seekers, and this week we are talking all about this diet plan and its various implications.

High Protein Diets and Weight Loss

As nutritionists, we always are asked about different diet plans and meal plans. Mainly, the questions are about fast weight loss and specific diets. High Protein diets are a good option for some individuals that like a lot of meat and still want to lose weight. This diet also lowers our appetite and increases satiety levels (similar to the keto-diet).  

High protein diets can start from 80 g of protein a day, all the way up to 150 g per day for many professional athletes. However, it's important to remember that many high protein foods, have sufficient levels of complete protein, and an average portion is adequate.

For example, one chicken breast (140 g) has almost 50 g of protein alone (similar to turkey breast and lean meat, in the same amount). Also, humans need protein sources that are considered "complete protein", meaning they contain all the amino acids that our liver cannot make on its own.

We recommend our clients who wish to lose weight, to consume at least 50-60 g of protein everyday. This helps them decrease their appetite and insulin levels and see faster weight loss results. Remember, rice and beans, and quinoa, are great vegetarian options as well.


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