How Healthy Are Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are used in so many cuisines and they are very healthy and nutritious. This week, we are talking all about the health benefits of tomatoes and why they should be enjoyed frequently. Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say, below.

How Healthy Are Tomatoes?

They are good sources of antioxidants, vitamin C, and folate (Eatright Ontario, 2014). Also, they have fiber, which makes us eat less calories and helps our digestive tract. They also have antioxidants, which protect human cells from damage. Tomatoes that are cooked have even more antioxidants than raw ones (Eatright Ontario, 2014).

They should be included in a healthy eating plan, and there are many recipes that make tomatoes taste delicious. They also have low calories, and are great for a weight loss diet. Therefore, we recommend eating tomatoes regularly, to benefit from their antioxidants, vitamin C, and folate. 

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