Improving Digestion and IBS: Registered Dietitian Advice

By: Gabrielle Deveaux, RD 

If you experience issues like bloating or constipation, there are many dietary factors that may improve digestion. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is focusing on this topic and it's implications. Read what our Registered Dietitian (Nutritionist) has to mention below. 

Getting enough fibre is essential for bowel regularity. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains to meet your daily fibre needs. Drinking enough water is also important for digestion, especially when increasing your fibre intake. Aim for 2-3 litres every day.  

There are some foods that may contribute to bloating, gas and bowel irregularity. Limit foods that are spicy, fried or greasy foods, and others like beans, broccoli, cabbage, carbonated water, alcohol, and caffeine. Eating too fast, talking while eating, using a straw, and chewing gum are behaviours that can also cause bloating that should be limited.

Finally, regular physical activity helps to regulate digestion. For adults, we recommend at least 20-30 minutes of exercise per day.

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