Is Dark Chocolate Healthy?

There are many nutritionists and registered dietitians who recommend dark chocolate as a healthier treat option for individuals who want to eat something sweet. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is focusing on dark chocolate and some steps, to help you include it in your diet in a healthier way. 

How Healthy Is Dark Chocolate?

At our nutrition clinic, we recommend that our clients enjoy chocolate, if that is what they are craving. However, we teach them how to incorporate this treat into their normal, well balanced diet plan and/or meal plan.

The most important recommendation regarding chocolate that we teach our clients, is to purchase chocolate that does not include palm oil and/or vegetable oil in the ingredients list. 

Secondly, we recommend high quality dark chocolate with lots of antioxidants. It is important to have 100-200 calories only, at one time. We also recommend drinking a large coffee or tea with the chocolate, to ensure satiety and to reduce the likelihood of overeating of the chocolate. Therefore, follow these steps, in order to enjoy chocolate in a healthier manner. 


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