Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk

There has been new researh that may indicate that consuming meat can increase your chances of developing cancer (especially colon cancer). Therefore, this week Mint Nutrition Clinic and our nutritionists and registered dietitians are focusing on processed meats and the colon cancer risks that they may increase. Please be aware that this article is written by competent nutritionists that have been working for Mint Nutrition Clinic. 

Processed Meats and Colon Cancer Risk

High quality research is showing that processed meats may increase your risk of developing colon cancer; however, its important to emphasize that processed meats are different than a cooked steak or homemade meatballs (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Processed meats are very different than regular beef, pork, etc, because they are manufactured by humans and they have more additives. Some examples of processed meats are hot dogs, bacon, and sausages. New research shows that consuming too much of these meats, may increase your risk of developing colon cancer (Eatright Ontario, 2017).

However, regular meats like beef and pork should be consumed less as well, so try and limit your intake of them to a maximum of 75 g a day (Eatright Ontario, 2017). Also, try and eat as a little of processed meats as you can. There are many other things that you can do to lower your risk of developing colon cancer, Click Here and book your FREE 30 minute consultation with our Toronto nutritionist today! At Mint Nutrition Clinic, we can help you lower your risk of developing colon cancer, through  the use of correct nutrition advice and physical activity tips. You can also meet our Toronto registered dietitians too!



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