Mindful and Emotional Eating

Mindful eating has been recommended by many dietitians and nutritionists, as a tool that can be useful in an everyday setting. This tool can help individuals reduce their weight and improve their weight loss results. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is focusing on this tool and all of its potential benefits.

Mindful Eating

There are many benefits associated with mindful eating and being present and aware during meals and snack times. This tool can help individuals reduce their stress eating and binge eating episodes. It can also reduce overindulgence of cravings and "treat" foods. 

Mindful eating is about being aware of actual hunger cues, rather than eating when one is bored or feeling an emotion (such as sadness or stress). At our clinic, we teach our clients about learning the real hunger cues and differentiating this feeling from other food related cues. Mindful eating is about slowing down ones's eating and thinking of the the reasons that have led to each meal and snack. This way of eating can improve overall weight loss results and binge eating episodes. Also, removing distractions during meal/snack times is helpful. The ultimate point of this tool is to become aware of the reasons that have led us to eating a specific food, and the more that we are aware of our reasons and cues of hunger, the more likely we will be in eating the right amount/type of food. 


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