Nutrition and Kidney Stones

Kidney stones may form because of many factors, and they can be made from different substances in the body (such as calcium and uric acid). This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is discussing healthy nutrition tips that can reduce the risk of developing a kidney stone. Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say, below.

Nutrition Tips 

There are many factors that may increase your risk of developing a kidney stone. Staying at a healthy body weight, will reduce your risk, and not consuming too much vitamin C and calcium supplements, is essential. Also, drinking enough water, avoiding pop and too much salt, limiting caffeine/alcohol, and eating enough fruits/vegetables, all help to reduce your risk (unlock food, 2017).

All of these tips will help you reduce your risk of developing a kidney stone, but individuals who have gout, should be extra careful in monitoring their uric acids levels often.

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