Preservatives in Food: Facts and Myths

There's a lot of discussion about whether or not preservatives are healthy for consumption. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is discussing preservatives and their health impacts. Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say, below.

Some Facts 

Preservatives are used in foods to delay spoilage, help maintain nutritional value, and add to the appearance of foods (Unlock Food, 2018). There are many preservatives used, and sometimes antioxidants are added to foods, in order to delay spoilage as well. 

Also, the research indicates that in low doses, all preservatives used in Canada, are safe for human consumption (Unlock Food, 2018). Health Canada is the agency that ensures safety and adequacy of the food that is present in Canada. 

Therefore, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, is a great way to reduce your consumption of preservatives (if you think that is healthier for you). 

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