Smoothies and Weight Loss

There are so many variations to the average smoothie; however, many wonder if they are healthy lunch and dinner options, especially when talking about effective weight loss. This week, our nutrition clinic is focusing on smoothies, and some of their characteristics. 

Smoothies and Weight loss

Smoothies can be a great option for a fast breakfast, or a light snack. It all depends on how they are made and what ingredients go in them. At our nutrition clinic, our nutritionist recommends that you always add frozen berries and maybe a banana. Also, a half cup of milk can be helpful as well. Try and only add a tiny amount of sugar, since we are trying to keep it healthy.

It is also important that you aim for a 400 calorie smoothie or less. That can be one cup of berries, one banana, and 1 cup of milk (300 calories in total). Smoothies are good for increasing your energy levels and keeping you feeling full. 

Try to avoid too much protein powders, and other high processed foods. Fruits and milk are a perfect combination. 

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