Healthy Weight-Loss - A Weight Loss Guide

Many Canadians are currently seeking help to lower their weight, and increase their quality of life; however, significant evidence suggests that long-term weight loss is almost impossible to reach (Wing and Phelan, 2005). Furthermore, 60% of individuals who lose weight, regain all of their past weight and more (Nelms, Sucher, and Lacey, 2014). So is there such thing as weight loss maintenance over a long period of time? Read what our nutritionists and registered dietitians have to say about this topic. 

Yes, there is valid evidence that suggests long-term weight loss is somewhat possible; however, only when the individual changes their lifestyles habits, and learns the correct tools/techniques that aid weight loss (Wing and Phelan, 2005). Subsequently, it has become apparent that seeking the help of a well-trained nutritionist is a key facet that facilitates lifestyle change and success. This is primarily due to the fact that these professionals are highly competent in providing the accurate information about weight loss, and the tools/techniques that trigger long lasting change (Wing and Phelan, 2005). Also, they understand how to make a treatment plan individualized in a manner that fits a specific individual.

However, nutritionists who have a background in dietetics and food science, are the most adequate at helping individuals lose weight (Dietitians of Canada, 2016). This is because they understand the multidimensional causes of obesity and weight loss, and they are highly trained to deal with the underlying causes of weight gain (Dietitians of Canada, 2016). After many years of research, it has become apparent that seeking the correct help, is crucial for achieving long term weight loss success.

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