Vitamin D: Facts and Myths

Many people wonder if they have a vitamin D deficiency; however, there are many things to think about, before worrying about this problem. This week, Mint Nutrition Clinic is talking all about vitamin D and its health implications. 

Vitamin D: Truths and Myths 

The main method of getting enough vitamin D is by the body's own production capabilities. Therefore, getting sunshine is very important. Our skin can make vitamin D, when exposed to daily sunshine. Also, vitamin D is well recycled in the body and re-used. This helps lower the chances of a deficiency from developing. 

Best food sources of vitamin D are fatty fish (salmon, tuna, etc), eggs, cheese, fortified foods (cereal, juices, etc), and beef liver. Eating a well balanced diet plan is the second best way to eat enough vitamin D. 

Usually, supplemental vitamin D is not recommended for individuals under the age of 50. Also, getting blood values checked, is the best way to monitor a vitamin D deficiency. 

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