Weight Loss for Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes

There are many health benefits for diabetic patients to reduce their weight and become healthier. This week, we are focusing on all these health benefits and their impact on the human body. 

Diabetes and Weight Loss

Usually, when an individual develops diabetes, their doctor recommends a calorie reduced diet and a healthy exercise plan (as the first treatment option). There are many benefits that can be gained from these lifestyle changes. 

A low calorie diet has been shown to make insulin sensitivity stronger and the symptoms of diabetes less severe. Also, any physical activity or exercise is very good for diabetic patients. It helps their blood sugar (glucose) levels decrease and stabilize. 

However, it is important that a proper diet is consumed, before starting any exercise plan (to ensure low blood sugars levels don't occur). Reducing your weight by even 10 pounds, can have great results for your new diabetes diagnosis. 


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